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I will clearly state at the bottom of my blog post (or top where necessary) if I've collaborated with a company to create the blog post or review. Whether endorsed or not, all opinions given are my own. Sponsored posts may also include links to the relevant company’s website, social media channels or competitions. The content on these external sites or pages are not my responsibility and do not necessarily reflect my own views.

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If I’m reviewing or featuring a restaurant or business I’ll note at the top or bottom of my blog if I’ve been invited as a guest and received the food and drink complimentary or at a discount. Whilst I'm not an experienced food critic, all opinions given in any review or feature are my own. Information provided (such as menu prices) is deemed correct at the time of posting, however this cannot be guaranteed.

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I occasionally feature guest blogs by other bloggers and companies that I believe would appeal to my readers. The guest blogger or company is responsible for all the content they provide to me. Therefore, I will not be liable for copyright claims against any content (such as pictures, video and writing) that has been provided to me. The opinions of the guest blogger or company do not reflect my own views.


Terms and conditions for competitions on my site will be given in the relevant blog post.

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If you're a local company that's interested in stylish and affordable photography or video, please refer to my film site: Nutty Pear.

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