1. What inspired the name "Explore With Ed"?
Ed is one of many nicknames and I have a habit for alliterating titles. I think it also encourages my adventurous side to try new food and experiences.

2. Can I use/repurpose pictures from your blog?
If you'd like to use pictures on my blog, please obtain my consent first. If you're a business I've reviewed and would like high quality/watermark-free copies, contact me or Nutty Pear for a quote.

3. Can I submit a guest blog for "Explore With Ed"?
I'm not currently looking for guests blogs, but I'd be happy to discuss writing an article for your blog and referring to it in a post on here.

4. Can you take pictures for my business?
Can do! Visit my photography and video website Nutty Pear for information, or send us an email with details of your business.

5. Why did you start blogging?
After moving on from a full time job to pursue film making and photography, I started blogging to keep productive in my free time. I also wanted somewhere to share my love of food and travel.

6. What's your favourite restaurant in Cardiff?
I give a different answer every time I'm asked this, simply because there's so many choices for different moods. Given free reign of the city I'd probably end up in Laguna Bar & Kitchen, Nine Yards or Milk & Sugar.

7. Where's the best place you've explored?
Well apart from my homeland of Wales I love the South of France - the outdoor lifestyle, the weather, the history, the scenery... you get the idea!

8. What camera do you use?
Most of my blog pictures are taken with my Nikon D5300 camera. I also use a GoPro Hero 3 and iPhone 6.

9. How do you edit your pictures?
I edit my pictures in Adobe Lightroom, though when on-the-go Instagram and VSCO does the job nicely.

10. Do you offer blog photography lessons?
I don't presently, however this is something I'd love to pursue in the future. If you are also interested, drop me an email so I can keep you informed.
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