Established in 2014, Explore With Ed is an award nominated travel blog sharing destination inspiration and cruises in the UK and Europe.

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Hello, I’m Jamie, a 32 year old content creator from South Wales. You may be wondering "who's Ed?", well, Ed is actually one of my nicknames that I thought went best with 'explore' when I started travel blogging back in 2014. Feel free to use Jamie or Ed interchangeably! 

I have a passion for filmmaking and photography which I've been able to do freelance over the past few years, as well as for Blogosphere in London where I work as their Head of Content.

Exploring the UK & Europe

I often take day trips and short breaks in the UK as I'm a firm believer you don't have to travel far to learn and see something new! The Cotswolds, Brecon Beacons, South West England and North Wales are just a few areas I love to visit. Many of these locations frequently pop up on my Instagram @explorewithed.

Most of my adventures abroad take me to Europe via short city breaks or cruises from Southampton for a touch of luxury.

I'm drawn to places steeped in history, as well as destinations with dramatic landscapes and sea views. My top Europe destinations to date include the South of France and the Norwegian Fjords.


My passion for cruising began in 2012 when I boarded my first cruise ship to France to see what cruising was like. I was hooked and subsequently booked more until it became an annual family holiday.
Over the past 8 years I've had some incredible opportunities to share the newest cruise ships arriving into the UK and explore all corners of Europe by sea.

I've published numerous cruise ship videos on YouTube and I'm proud to be part of the growing cruise community and meeting other UK cruise bloggers along the way!

Let's connect

I love connecting with people who share my interests in photography, video and travel - please do not hesitate to send an email, leave a comment or chat with me on social media.

Since 2014 I've participated in many influencer events, photography meet-ups and even given presentations about blogging - so if you have an opportunity, event or idea you think would be of interest to me I'd love to hear about it!

If you represent a brand, please visit my work with me page for content collaborations.


  1. What camera do you use for your photos/videos?
    I use a Nikon Z6 II and an iPhone.
  2. What's your favourite destination so far?
    The Norwegian Fjords - it's incredible! Here's some of the blogs I've posted about this area so far: Norway
  3. How do you edit your photos?
    Lightroom, I've shared a post with some simple tips for travel photography.
  4. Can I write a blog for you?
    I no longer accept guest posts but I'll occasionally ask or accept quotes, stats and facts that I believe will be useful for my readers within my own blog posts.