Hot chocolate in Caffe Florian, Venice, Italy

Finding the best places for hot chocolate in Europe has been an unintentional mission of this blog over the past few years. From the oldest cafes in Estonia to the chocolate shops in Belgium, all corners of Europe have been explored to help create this list of lovely places to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate beverage.

Overlooking St Mark's Square, Venice

Caffè Florian’s Cioccolata in tazza
Venice, Italy

Caffe Florian is thought to be the oldest coffee shop in Europe (opening in 1720) and is located right inside Venice’s iconic St Mark’s Square. Over the years it’s been a meeting point for artists, writers and celebrities and visitor’s today can expect ornate rooms filled with gold and paintings.

The best places for hot chocolate in Venice, Italy Inside Europe's Oldest Cafe, Caffe Florian, Venice, Italy

At €11.50, this could be one of (if not the) most expensive hot chocolates you’ll have – but given its location, history and elegance a premium is to be expected. The hot chocolate arrives on a silver platter in a jug that you pour into a tea cup. It’s silky smooth and if you want to go all out pay €2 extra for whipped cream or mint flavouring.

The best places for hot chocolate in Stockholm, Sweden

Chokladkoppen in Gamla Stan
Stockholm, Sweden

Near the Nobel Museum and Royal Palace of Stockholm, Chokladkoppen is ideally positioned to live like a local and ‘Fika’ – a traditional Swedish coffee break. The hot chocolate is served in a very generously sized cup topped with cream, thankfully not too rich to sink the lot but definitely one of the best places for hot chocolate thanks to its flavour, creamy texture and wonderful location.

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Hot chocolate in Chokladkoppen, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

The Old Chocolate House
Bruges, Belgium

“The place to be to drink the best hot chocolate” The Old Chocolate House shop front proudly claims – inside is an irresistible display of Belgian chocolates that you can have boxed and sealed with a ribbon. You can sit in or takeaway their hot chocolate and it tastes how you’d imagine – creamy milk blended with the rich taste of melted Belgian chocolate. Bruges is undoubtedly one of best destinations for chocoholics so you won’t have to search far and wide to find some of the best places for hot chocolate in Europe.

Best hot chocolates in BrugesThe best hot chocolates in BrugesThe Old Chocolate House in Bruges

Café Maiasmokk
Tallinn, Estonia

Café Maiasmokk is the oldest continually operating cafe in Estonia, near Tallinn’s Town Hall Square. Downstairs is a mouthwatering marzipan museum, and the cafe’s classic style hasn’t changed much in a century. Upstairs is a series of grand lounges of patterned wallpaper, high ceilings and sofa chairs – the perfect spot to treat yourself to a hot chocolate and slice of cake with a view onto Tallinn’s charming old town streets.

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Places for hot chocolate in TallinnThe oldest cafe in Tallinn, Estonia

Meridian Molo
Sopot, Poland

Located on Europe’s longest wooden pier is the Meridian Molo, a restaurant with unrivalled views of the ‘Polish Riviera‘, 500m away from land. The hot chocolate was enjoyable, but it’s unique location and presentation cemented its place on this list.

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Sopot - the 'Polish Riviera' and pierHot chocolate from Meridian, Sopot Pier

Caffè Alvino’s ‘Cioccolata Calda’
Lecce, Italy

Caffe Alvino in the Pulgian city of Lecce can easily be found in Sant’Oronzo Square, overlooking Roman Amphitheatre remains. Sit outside and soak up the Italian sunshine and order a cioccolata calda and pasticiotto. Pasticiotto is a custard pie and an absolute must when dining here. The hot chocolate is thick, like a molten chocolate pudding (that could hold a spoon upright), so it’s incredibly indulgent – your sweet tooth will love it.

Lecce, PugliaThe best hot chocolates in Italy - Caffe Alvino, Lecce

You can find similar dessert drinks across all of Italy, including Rome’s Venchi where the chocolate literally flows down the walls!

Cioccolata calda and pasticiotto

Chin Chin Ice Cream
London, UK

This is my sibling’s recommendation, Chin Chin Ice Cream in Camden, Shoreditch and Soho. Topped with a thick fluffy layer of toasted marshmallow, underneath is rich and silky Valrhona hot chocolate – it’s probably one of London’s most Instagrammable desserts, served in a bowl to contain any gooey spillages!

Have you enjoyed a hot chocolate in Europe? Where has your favourite place been so far? 


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