Tenerife’s Los Cristianos has dozens of bars and restaurants to choose from, many of which are located along the bustling seafront. If part of your holiday is eating delicious food, then you’ve come to the right place as that’s something I look forward to doing on my travels.
Before and during my time in Tenerife I did some research from local YouTubers like The Knightsrider, and gained some recommendations from people who’ve recently been there. Now I’m back and keen to share with you my favourite places to eat in and around Los Cristianos.

Pistacho Brunch and Coffee in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Pistacho – Coffee Brunch Restaurant

Pistacho is a bit of a hidden gem as it’s located not far from Los Cristianos bus stop amongst a row of bars and cafes near the Hiperdino. I discovered this spot during the final few days via TripAdvisor, and I’m glad I did as it’ll probably be my most frequented spot when I visit Tenerife again in a few months.

The dishes are beautifully presented, each time they were brought out I couldn’t help but glance at all the different options. What I loved about Pistacho’s menu is that many options sounded both delicious and nutritious with a unique combinations of flavours, for example carrot and oatmeal pancakes (without sugar) and my egg dish with whole wheat toast, guacamole, pulled chicken, avocado, sweet potato, feta cheese and greens.

Eco Eco Brunch and Cafe in Los Cristianos

Eco Eco Brunch & Café

The owner of Eco Eco Brunch & Café is a great guy to chat to over brunch who cares deeply about the food he prepares. This spot is a short walk from Passarella Oasis Shopping Centre and has a limited number of outdoor seats, so be prepared to wait on busier days as this is a spot to take your time and relax into holiday mode.

Eco Eco Brunch Cafe in Los Cristianos

They do a brunch menu which was €15 for a set number of dishes that would fill you up until dinner, or you could buy individual dishes like Eggs Benedict and Cinnamon Waffles. The Eggs Benedict was scrumptious – poached eggs on gluten free waffles with avocado and hollandaise sauce containing little bursts of flavour.

Zoco Arabic New Concept Restaurant in Los Cristianos


Zoco’s tagline is ‘Arabic New Concept’, an intruiging prospect in a tastefully designed restaurant. Starters include traditional Arabic bread, falafel, and a variety of hummus dishes.
The Lamb Shank was exceptionally good, rich with flavour and spices with a creamy curry and turmeric puree. I enjoyed it so much I didn’t save room for dessert, though I wish I had as Baklava (most popular dessert they say) would be my choice.

I think Zoco would be great if you’re visiting for a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary, or if you want to save somewhere memorable for the first/last night of your holiday.

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Harriet's English Tea Room in Los Cristianos, Dinner Menu

Harriet’s English Tea Room

Looking for some comfort food? Harriet’s Tearoom menu is a bit like receiving a warm hug from home – yes they even do Afternoon Tea. During the week they open in the evenings for dinner serving British favourites like cottage pie, chicken and stuffing, and fish and homemade chips.

Harriet's English Tea Room in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

If you’re like me then sometimes when you’re away you just fancy something familiar (yes, even a McDonald’s), like pie, mash and vegetables with a jug of gravy – fortunately Harriet’s do it, and do it very well.

Vegas Grill in Playa de las Americas

Vegas Grill

Resident YouTuber Andrew, known as The Knightsrider, recommended Vegas Grill on his channel, and I can see why he loves it there. Located on the ‘Golden Mile’ in Playa de las Americas, Vegas Grill is a huge venue, we arrived early (about 6pm) and were the first for dinner and sure enough the place began to fill up as night drew closer.

You are given a touchscreen tablet with the menu on – we ordered ribs, chicken fajitas and steak, all of which were well presented. The steak was exceptionally good, enhanced by the small bowls of seasonings my table mate declared they couldn’t eat steak anywhere else now as they’d be disappointed – need I say more? If I must, then spare some room for the pudding cart and the Diam Cheesecake.

El Work Cafe in Los Cristianos

El Work Café

This was another recommendation from The Knightsrider, El Work overlooks Los Cristianos bus stop and is very reasonably priced for a coffee break or snack – I couldn’t resist ordering their Nutella doughnut every time I went there.

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Oxalis Mexican Restaurant in Los Cristianos Tenerife


Oxalis is a very bright and modern restaurant on the corner of Passarella Oasis Shopping Centre, next to Zoco. This restaurant serves top notch Mexican cuisine, I had a generously sized vegetable burrito brought to the table by their robot waiter that I was totally mesmerised by as it navigated between the restaurant tables and kitchen.

I was so impressed by the quality of food I had in Tenerife, I didn’t go expecting to be writing this article specifically, but I felt like some of the meals were so good it deserved a post of its own. I also appreciated how most bars and restaurants had QR codes on the tables so you could view the menu on your mobile device in English.

I’d recommend checking the opening hours before you visit (some places close on Monday’s and Tuesday’s for example), and see if you can book a table – particularly if you’re travelling during the busier school holidays. I hope you’ve found this post on places to eat in Los Cristianos useful, do let me know on here and social media.

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