Burger and Lobster Brioche, Burger and Lobster Cardiff Review

A review of Burger & Lobster in Cardiff on The Hayes before it closed for business in July 2016.
There are other restaurants located across the UK so I’ve updated this blog up to offer some insight to their menu.

Inside Burger and Lobster Cardiff, Burger and Lobster Logo

Inside Burger and Lobster, Burger and Lobster Bar, Cardiff Cocktail Bar

I must admit I’m not a seafood lover and never opt for it when dining out, so I already had a burger in mind before I even sat on one of their plush red stools by the bar. Never the less, as someone who has little knowledge of lobster I was quite curious to experience it. After all, I (and possibly many of you), think of lobsters being served in very swish a la carte restaurants for romantics with expensive taste.

Burger and Lobster #TankTalk

My life-long impression was thwarted as the team mentioned their growing number of restaurants (recently opening in Dubai), now allows more people than ever to try lobster without the steep fine dining price tag.

Side salad, Burger and Lobster Cardiff

Interestingly, the lobsters are stored in some of the biggest tanks in the industry and freshly caught from the Atlantic Ocean. Like the carefully selected corn-fed beef from Nebraska, the lobster has been specifically sourced for their taste and quality.
I was quite impressed when they brought two of them out alive for us to see, they’re a lot larger than you’d expect!

Live Lobster, Burger and Lobster, Cardiff Lobster

Unlike any other restaurant I’ve been to, this one doesn’t have a food menu – it’s simply burger or lobster with a set price of £20. The reason for the limited choice is because the owners simply want to give diners exceptional quality over quantity.

Burger and Lobster Cocktail Menu, Burger cocktails, Lobster cocktails

Burger and Lobster cocktails, Cardiff Cocktail Bar, The Hayes Cardiff

What does come in the form of a menu however is a variety of cocktails to compliment your burger or lobster (literally ‘Burger Cocktails’ or ‘Lobster Cocktails’).
The bar staff here seemed well informed and friendly, so if you’re unsure or can’t decide I’d simply ask (alcohol-free also available).

Burger and Lobster Brioche Bun

My first try of lobster came in the form of meat pieces between thick slices of sweet brioche bread. This is probably the least intimidating form to have the lobster if you’re new to trying it. I probably would’ve preferred the meat warm like the soft toasted bread, but that’s mostly down to my initial expectation.

Grilled Lobster, Steamed Lobster, Burger and Lobster Cardiff

I was then presented with the lobster both grilled and steamed with a side of fries and jug of herby butter sauce. I found the steamed lobster to be the most “fishy” tasting, the grilled was much more palatable for my personal taste.

Burger and Lobster Cocktails, Lobster utensil

Grilled lobster, Burger and Lobster Cardiff

I think the adventurous types will love getting hands-on with their food (plastic bibs donned no less) by cracking open the shell and pulling out the juicy pieces of meat.

Burger cocktails, Burger and Lobster Burger

What we did agree on was the creamy sauce and crispy fries – so tasty! I thought the salad garnish looked appetising, but as this dish doesn’t really call for a knife and fork you may find this gets brushed aside.

Steak burger, Burger and Lobster Cardiff

Burger and Lobster Burger, Nebraskan corn-fed beef burger, best burgers in Cardiff

As mentioned the corn fed beef from Nebraska is made from three pieces of thick juicy steak meat, hence it’s slightly reddish appearance and squishy bun base. It certainly was a quality burger and for £20, filling enough too.
I think the unique lobster offering and multiple varieties it comes in would be better value for money, however the temptation is always there to split both between two or more of you.

Cheesecake dessert, interior burger and lobster cardiff

Burger and Lobster, The Hayes Cardiff, Restaurants in Cardiff, Lobster Cardiff

I’d recommend experiencing Burger & Lobster sometime, particularly if you’ve always been curious to try lobster. The atmosphere inside is warm, inviting and smartly furnished, we felt in no hurry to leave and I really appreciated the special effort that went into organising this informative press event. It’s a testament to their work ethic and showed off their passion for great food and cocktails.

Disclaimer: My food and drinks were complimentary however all opinions are my own. 

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