A day trip to Caerleon, Wales

Amphitheatre Caerleon, Roman remains in Wales

North of Newport in the south eastern corner of Wales is Caerleon, a place known as Isca Augusta nearly 2,000 years ago when the Roman’s settled here.
Beneath the quaint village life of today lies tonnes of history waiting to be explored. Not only does Caerleon have one of the most impressive amphitheatres in the UK, it is also rumoured to be the ancient city of King Arthur’s Camelot.

Shops in Caerleon Wales

In the 12th Century, Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote about Caerleon and King Arthur in his texts about British Kings. This inspired many to believe Caerleon is also this mystical city.

The amazing sculptures below strengthen the village’s connection to the King, the dragon is part of the world’s largest wooden spoon – crafted by Ed Harrison.

Sculpture garden in Caerleon

Wooden Love Spoon, Wales Largest Love Spoon

Fountain sculpture in Caerleon

The village is lined with cosy pubs and local businesses, as well as the popular Roman Legion Museum and Baths.

Caerleon Roman Legion Museum

Below is the site of the Roman Barracks – the lengthy stone foundations detail where around 5,500 soldiers would prepare for battle. The image below details the thin channels where water/waste used to run.

Roman Barracks in Caerleon

Not far from here is the remains of the amphitheatre…

Caerleon Amphitheatre remains
Panoramic view of Caerleon amphitheatre

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