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Chepstow train station is only minutes away on foot from the impressive fortress of Chepstow Castle which is top of my list of places to visit in this historic town on the Welsh border.

No car travel worries

Casting aside concerns about road traffic, sat nav redirects and where to park on arrival, my friend and I went for a leisurely lunch in Newport Market, the nearest city to Chepstow, before catching a Transport for Wales train to explore the castle and see what else the town has to offer.

Chepstow Castle 2for 1 train ticket

In around 20 minutes we had arrived and began our walk to the castle passing the Church of Saint Mary and Bridge Street lined with pretty townhouses.

The imposing castle walls conceal many of the castles secrets, it’s only when you step inside and pick up a map when you realise how extensive it really is! 

2 for 1 Cadw offer

A bonus of taking a Transport for Wales train is we could show our train tickets at the entrance and claim their current 2 for 1 offer on Cadw sites in Wales (information available here), meaning we only paid £8.70 for both of us to enter.

After purchasing the tickets we were supplied with a map and an audio guide which you could scan at various points around the castle to learn more about the history.  

For example, Chepstow Castle holds claim to the oldest wooden castle doors in Europe, dated around 800 years old, an amazing feature to inspect up-close.

Built on a hill, the castle rises higher and higher along the river so the views across the river bend which acts as a border between Wales and England. 

Chepstow Castle

One view I was particularly keen to capture with my eyes and camera was the castle from the river bridge that connects Chepstow to Gloucestershire. It’s from here the true scale of the castle can be appreciated as it crowns the cliff edge that hold back the river waters.

The Wales Coast Path

I do love a scenic walk a nd surrounding myself in nature, in the past I’ve walked various portions of the Wales Coast Path, a path which encompasses the entire coastline of Wales. Interestingly the start (or end) point is in Chepstow, close to the river bridge.

If you also enjoy long walks, there is a 9/10 mile route between Caldicot Castle and Chepstow Castle, and both have a train station for you to do the return journey on.

Places to eat and drink in Chepstow

As it was a warm and sunny day we decided to take a short stall along the river to absorb the holiday atmosphere, passing by local pubs like The Boat Inn and riverside terraces for people to enjoy a drink outdoors.
We called in to The Three Tuns next to the castle for a refreshing drink in their beer garden before dining at a local restaurant, Panevino.

Soon after we headed back to Chepstow train station to begin the journey home. We had only been there for a few hours but felt like we had made the most of our time there! I also really appreciate the shared experience of exploring a historic place like Chepstow Castle, it was a fun way to spend quality time together that isn’t heavy on the pocket with the current 2 for 1 offer from Transport for Wales for Cadw sites. 


  1. Wonderful trip! I like it!

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