Conwy town viewed from the Castle

If you’re looking for things to do in Conwy in North Wales, I’ve shared my itinerary that made for an adventurous couple of hours in this historical town.

Conwy CastleExplore With Ed Conwy Castle Wales

Photos marked NP by Nutty Pear / Miss Nicklin 

To begin, I started by exploring Conwy Castle that has an on-site pay and display car park, or it can be reached by the train stations of Conwy or Llandudno Junction and the local Arriva buses. Built by Edward I in the late 1200’s, Conwy Castle and the fortress wall surrounding the town was an ambitious project of its time, costing around £15,000 (over £7.5 million in 2017).

Inside Conwy Castle in Wales

A castle’s position is carefully chosen for the best vantage point against approaching enemies, and Conwy’s overlooks the whole town, valley and river, as well as over to Llandudno.

View from Conwy Castle over the river towards Llandudno

Spiral stone staircase
View across Conwy Castle remains

Ground level Conwy Castle with arched ceiling remains

Conwy Castle is mostly in ruin, but there’s still evidence of its past life to set your minds-eye onto a journey, like grand stone fireplaces, arched ceiling beams and spiral staircases.
You could easily loose yourself in here for an hour or so before heading out into the town where’s there’s more things to see and do.The current prices are £8.95 for adults and is open year round (but check times and info by clicking here).

Train passing alongside Conwy Castle and suspension bridge
Exploring Conwy Castle's rooms
The centre of Conwy Castle
Wood carving of solider

Conwy town has all the things history buffs and international tourists would love; cobbled streets, novelty shops, cosy cafés and archways you could barely squeeze a coach through.

Historical town of Conwy with red telephone box and fish and chips
Cafes and shops in Conwy

I stopped off in L’s Coffee and Bookshop that offers familiar comfort food (sandwiches, scones and soup) alongside daily specials such as King Prawns and sweet chilli sauce. It’s also pet-friendly and has an outdoor seating area if you’re lucky to visit in good weather.

L's coffee and book shop in Conwy
Lunch in Conwy

After a short stroll along the high street I headed for the riverside where you can catch a boat tour or visit the smallest house in Great Britain! Check the opening times before you visit, but in-season you can head inside for £1 and see how people once lived in this tiny property for over 300 years (the last person was a fisherman who was 6ft 3!)

The Smallest House in Great Britain, Conwy Smallest House
Ice cream in Conwy
Sunset in Conwy, Castle on the hill

I spent around 3 and a half hours in Conwy, which was enough to get a feel for the area and explore the castle. If you do have longer set aside for your visit I’d recommend having a look inside some of the quirky shops, taking a walk along the castle wall, a boat tour out to sea, or enjoy the castle at a slower pace (those spiral staircases are thigh-burners!)

Sunset over Conwy Castle

There’s also the nearby seaside resort of Llandudno to explore that I’ll share in a future post (or you can check out Miss Nicklin’s stay by clicking here).

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