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Explora Journeys Explora I Luxury Cruise Ship
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June 2021 • MSC Announces New Luxury Brand

The MSC Group have announced they're going to expand into the luxury cruise market with a new brand called Explora Journeys. The brand will have four luxury ships, the first of which will set sail in 2023.

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MSC Grandiosa Galleria
June 2021 • MSC Cruises to resume operations in Spain

MSC Cruises are set restart sailings in Spain from Barcelona on MSC Grandiosa from the 26th June.

This follows MSC's successful launch of its newest flagship, Virtuosa, which set sail for UK holidaymakers on the 20th May from Southampton. MSC are also due to resume operations in Germany, France and the Baltics.


MSC Bellissima

Ad* • Exploring MSC Bellissima during her naming ceremony in Southampton, England. This MSC cruise ship tour includes a look inside a balcony cabin, The Yacht Club, Galleria and the bars, restaurants, shops, pool deck and Sportsplex.  [*Press Trip]

Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece at sunset

The colours and character of Corfu Town, Greece

Corfu’s vibrant Venetian architecture and imposing fortress makes the town a real feast for the eyes. This photo series highlights the colours and character I discovered on my day trip […]

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Highlights from an Eastern Mediterranean featuring Travel Blogger

What to expect on an Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

From the majestic mountains of The Balkans to the gorgeous Greek Islands, an Eastern Mediterranean cruise is a spectacular experience that you have to try at least once. In this […]

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Incredible views from Fira over Santorini

15 Snapshots of Santorini to Feed Your Wanderlust

Santorini’s sapphire blue sea, sky and domed roof tops have been splashed across brochures for decades, and it’s not hard to understand why. These 15 photos offer a glimpse of […]

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Exploring MSC Preziosa in Southampton

Exploring MSC Preziosa (with Trips 100)

MSC Preziosa is billed as a ‘modern Mediterranean masterpiece‘ that’s been marvelling up to 4,300 guests a time since it’s launch in spring 2013. I’ve yet to cruise with MSC […]

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Eastern Mediterranean

Corfu’s Old Town proved to be a real surprise, an abundance of colour and character like towns on the French and Italian Riviera. The local bus is the cheapest option from just outside the port entrance dropping you right in the commercial centre. Continue reading...

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