Historical architecture, breathtaking landscapes and grand hill top castles, the rich history and varied climate of Europe makes it a fascinating continent to explore. 

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Pistacho Brunch and Coffee in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

The best places to eat in and around Los Cristianos, Tenerife

A list of great places to eat in and around Los Cristianos in Tenerife, including excellent places for breakfast and British food.

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Cruise sail away from Stockholm

8 Incredible Sail Aways in Europe on a Cruise Ship

These incredible sail aways in Europe give cruise ship passengers a front row seat to some of the most spectacular scenery and cityscapes in the world, packing your camera and binoculars is essential.

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Disneyland Paris near Serris, France

Places to stay in Serris near Disneyland Paris

Close to the Disneyland Paris parks, the community of Serris is a great area to stay in beyond the Disney hotels with apartments and holiday homes available to rent. Disclosure: […]

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Acropolis Temple and view of Athens

Best of Europe from Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List Book (2nd Edition)

My top 10 ultimate travel list for Europe featuring places mentioned in Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List (2nd edition) book.

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Evenings in Brindisi, Puglia

Beautiful places to explore from Brindisi, Puglia

Located in the olive growing region of beautiful Southern Italy, the port of Brindisi on the country’s “heel”, has a wealth of wonderful places to explore for cruise ship passengers […]

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A long weekend in Palma de Mallorca, staying in Casa Delmonte Hotel and exploring the history of Mallorca Cathedral, Bellver Castle and the Arab Baths.

Planning to visit? I've compiled a list of beautiful places to enjoy in the city and tips for travelling around.