Colosseum at Night

Rome at night is magical with its illuminated historical monuments, shiny cobbled streets and restaurants stirring with locals and tourists.

Here’s ten pictures to inspire a trip to the eternal city, including The Vatican…

Castel Sant’AngeloCastel Sant'Angelo from the river Tiber at night

 The towering round castle rises proudly over the river Tiber.

Trajan’s MarketTrajan's Market on the Via dei fori Imperali

Positioned along the Via dei Fori Imperali, Trajan’s Market is a long stretch of ruins which details the remains of an Ancient Roman Shopping Centre.

Trastevere AreaSide Street in Rome Italy, Trastevere area at night

The quirky Trastevere area is a hub of bars and restaurants which comes to life in the evening. I was totally charmed by the colourful side streets around here.

The Pantheon, Piazza della RotondaPiazza della Rotonda at night, Restaurants near The Pantheon

Piazza della Rotonda is lovely for an evening candle-lit dinner with the columned Pantheon providing a unique backdrop. 

Trevi FountainTrevi Fountain at night

The Trevi Fountain is hugely popular place to visit, especially by day. It looks even more beautiful lit-up at night (and it’s usually a lot quieter for photos).

The River TiberThe river tiber looking towards Vatican City, Vintage style picture of Rome

There’s a spectacular view of the dome of St Peter’s Basilica from the bridges over the river Tiber, I struggled to tare my eyes away.

The ColosseumColosseum at night from Via Nicola Salvi

Taken from Via Nicola Salvi, the elevated road offers a wonderful perspective of Rome’s most famous landmark and Arch of Constantine. 

The Altare della Patria The National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II in Rome on the Piazza Venezia

Also known as the ‘National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II’, the imposing white building crowns the expansive Piazza Venezia.

St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican CitySt Peter's Square at night

The awe-inspiring St Peter’s Square in Vatican City warmly glows on sundown.

Want some more inspiration? Have a look at my two minute tour of some of Rome’s famous landmarks…

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