Parking up in a minivan just outside of Luss village I was instantly intrigued after travelling through The Trossachs taking in the beautiful scenery surrounding Loch Lomond.

Luss is referred to as one of the prettiest villages in Scotland which was enough to persuade me to book a tour from Greenock (a cruise ship port near Glasgow) to go there. 

Cottages in Luss

It was mid morning and a beautiful clear day, I couldn’t have asked for better weather to wander around this idyllic village. The cottages are made of grey stone, many had a similar design with white wooden windows, chimney stacks, colourful plant pots and beautiful climbing roses. 

It felt very tranquil sheltered by the green hills and resting on the banks of Loch Lomond.

There’s a general store and chip shop in the middle of the village, but I was drawn to the pretty cottages and the silky waters of the Loch beyond.

Loch Lomond in Luss

Visiting Bibury, the quintessential Cotswold village

Surprisingly, there’s even a beach on the edge of the Loch, a few were taking advantage of the good weather to relax here, or embark on a leisurely boat ride.

As my visit was part of a group tour, I could roam around at my leisure or follow the guide to the church. I was interested to learn more about the area and the history so appreciated having a local expert show me around.
We strolled along the Loch and it reminded me of being back in Austria, in fact the whole village had an Austria/Swiss feel to it, the only thing missing was those tall jagged snowy peaks of the Alps!

A day trip to Castle Combe in The Cotswolds

Luss Church

We arrived at the local church and were told about the engravings on the building and found out about a unique tomb for a Viking. There were more stories shared about famous residents and a television series before we left on our journey towards Stirling Castle.

I haven’t been to many villages in Scotland, but I can definitely see why Luss is referred to as one of the prettiest, the location is spectacular and the village itself is so well kept.

If I was to go back I’d look to stay for longer, perhaps call in to the local fish & chip shop and relax on the bench by the water – bliss!

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