MS Serenity - River Cruise Line

MS Serenity – Image provided by River Cruise Line. 

Discovering the many beauties of the world from a river cruise can be both exciting and relaxing. It eliminates the need to worry about travel logistics, with the cruise transporting you between each destination.

Catering and accommodation is also provided for you, so you will never go hungry or in need of rest.

The most charming aspect of cruise travel is that you can explore the globe, taking in views that would be inaccessible using any other mode of transport. It is a truly unique experience.

MS Lady Anne, River Cruise Line

MPS Lady Anne ship – Image provided by River Cruise Line. 

For those who have never experienced a cruise before but are interested in a new kind of holiday, River Cruise Line has provided a handful of tips that will help you decide where to go, when to go, and how to make the most of your cruising experience. The world’s rivers await your exploration…

Do what you enjoy…

Amsterdam Stock Image from River Cruise Line

 Amsterdam – Image provided by River Cruise Line. 

Are you the type of person who loves to see wonderful architecture, landmarks, and natural scenery? Or do you prefer to absorb culture more directly by revelling in bars, restaurants, and the best hangouts? 

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy your holiday, but make a decision on what it is that you want out of your trip, and pick a destination based upon that. See the many iconic landmarks and striking buildings of Paris, or explore the vibrant yet relaxed nightlife of Amsterdam.

Paris & Bruges

Pick your season…

Depending on whether you value relaxing in the sun, some destinations are best explored in seasons other than summer — the traditional holiday season

Stahleck Castle, river Rhine, River cruise line

Stahleck Castle on the river Rhine – Image provided by River Cruise Line. 

There are some fantastic winter markets in Europe, particularly in Germany and Austria, where there is an abundance of handcrafted trinkets and delicious festive treats.

Belgian Waffle, Bruges, Belgium

Bruges christmas markets, Grote MarktChristmastime in Bruges, Belgium. Click here for my full blog post.

Le Marché de Noël in Strasbourg is the oldest Christmas market in the world. The French market is spread over 11 areas of the city, with a Christmas tree that regularly stands at around 100 feet tall. For a Christmas lover, this is a must-see.

Quick getaway or lengthy break?

Bruges Belgium

Cruises can be utilised for a short sight-seeing holiday, or a leisurely venture across several countries, taking time to soak in each culture individually. Make a decision as to how long you want your holiday to last, and plan your cruise around that.

Some cruises will flit between destinations as efficiently as possible, whereas others will make time to visit all the charming nooks and crannies, for the perfect cruise holiday.

MS Serenity, River Cruise Line

MS Serenity – Image provided by River Cruise Line. 

Like any tourism expert will tell you, planning and consideration are everything. You owe it to yourself to have an excellent holiday, and a river cruise could act as a lovely departure from the norm, wherever and whenever you choose to travel!

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