Incredible views from Fira over Santorini's iconic blue domed buildings and caldera

Santorini’s sapphire blue sea, sky and domed roof tops have been splashed across brochures for decades, and it’s not hard to understand why. These 15 photos offer a glimpse of the Greek island’s incredible landscape and the capital Fira.

The steep coastline of Santorini with the cliff top towns of Fira and Oia

Refreshing mojito from Volcan on the Rocks Café and Cinema in Fira Santorini The narrow cliff top walk in Santorini past boutique hotels and apartments A pop of colour from the plant pots against the white washed buildings of Santorini Europe travel blogger 'Explore With Ed' in Fira Santorini The white washed buildings of Fira in Santorini

The Cave Shop in Fira Santorini

The iconic white and blue architecture in Santorini Overlooking the town of Fira on the island of Santorini

Yellow dome church in Fira on the island of Santorini

Art Gallery and shops in Fira The orthodox metropolitan cathedral of FiraThe hillside walk to Fira from the Old Port

The view of Fira in Santorini

Situated on the edge of a caldera, Santorini and its neighbouring islands are what’s left from an enormous eruption in the 16th century. Sprinkled over the near 1000ft high cliffs are the tourist-friendly towns of Fira and Oia, and as hair raising as the near vertical drops may be, the panoramic views are unlike anywhere else on earth.

You’re not in short supply of restaurants boasting the best sunset views in Fira, I stopped in Volkan on the Rocks (a café and outdoor cinema) for a refreshing mojito, overlooking cruise ships anchored out in the bay. Afterwards I wandered through the narrow streets lined with bars and boutiques before heading down the steep hillside to board MSC Musica on an Eastern Mediterranean cruise to Montenegro and Italy. Take a look at my photos of Kotor and Venice.

Tip: If you cruise to Santorini I’d recommend taking the cable car (it’s €6 each way) as the walk is quite challenging, more so for the donkey riders who squeeze past every few minutes.

Do these photos feed your wanderlust? Have you been to Santorini? Let me know!

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