An Afternoon in Cardiff’s #1 Attraction

Currently ranked #1 on top attractions in Cardiff on Trip Advisor, this is surely a must see if you’re visiting the Capital of Wales.

St Fagan’s Museum reflects on the last several hundreds years of life in Wales. Featuring a variety of original historic buildings from across the country, it’s a fascinating, fun (and FREE) experience to immerse yourself in.

Crowning the hillside is this impressive Elizabethan Castle (pictured above) – an inviting first impression, wouldn’t you agree?

The Castle’s lavishly decorated rooms and impeccably groomed gardens make it easy to imagine the life of the many wealthy families and Lord’s that once lived here.

It’s also interesting to get a flavour of the staff’s working life. If you’re a Downton fan, I think you would love touring this regal-like former residence.

The surrounding tranquil gardens are perfect to stroll through on your way to the other historical buildings.

Nature is also very much alive here – ideal for wildlife photographers (more information about the birds and animals on their official website HERE).

Above is some of the many historic buildings dotted around the site, each brimming with spellbinding stories and the smell of burning timber.

As well as the Farmhouses, there’s a school, toll house and water mill to explore – including the alluring and ancient St Teilo’s Church (below).

Wales is also world renowned for its industrial past. A tea room, fully stocked shop, and working craftsman is usually your first taste of this intriguing era.

The series of six Ironworker houses from the Valley’s is a great way to see how life progressed for Welsh families from the early 1800’s right up to the 1980’s.

If you’re interested in visiting soon, it’s worth noting the museum is undergoing major changes at the moment thanks to a significant multi-million pound investment from the Lottery Heritage Fund (more info).

I didn’t notice any impact on the existing attractions, but the changes will no doubt provide an even more compelling journey through Wales’ rich history when complete.

Below is the existing main entrance and gift shop for visitors.

Thanks for reading – I hope my pictures have provided a nice teaser to this highly rated museum. Please let me know your thoughts (or experience if you’ve visited before) in the comments below or on TWITTER (click).

For more information and directions here is a link to the museum’s official site:

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