Stavanger is a frequent port of call on a Norwegian Fjords cruise from Southampton.
Located near the southern tip of Norway, Stavanger is a pretty city that you can walk straight off your cruise ship to explore.

Stavanger Old Town

Stavanger Old Town

The old town of Stavanger is normally the first glimpse you’ll see of this Norwegian port of call. The white wooden cottages clustered together on the hillside look almost toy like in the shadow of the giant cruise ships that dock just across the road from it.

It’s lovely to begin your time in Stavanger strolling through this tranquil area to admire the pretty cottages decorated with flowers, plus there’s a museum and a few shops that you can visit before heading down the more modern city centre.

Stavanger Street Market

On the two occasions I’ve been to Stavanger on a cruise the city square has hosted a street market. The city square is very close to where the ships dock and is next to a leafy park area with a lake.

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Stavanger City Centre

On a Norwegian Fjords cruise Stavanger may be one of the largest and busiest ports you will visit as some of the villages within the Fjords may only be inhabited by a few hundred people.
So, if you do enjoy shopping or cafe culture, this may be the port where you’ll want to make the most – you’ll even spot some familiar high street brands like H&M and Zara.

Stavanger, Norway

Converting Norwegian kroner to British pounds

During my most recent cruise I worked out the conversion rate from Norwegian krone to British pounds was approximately 11.5 kroner to 1 pound.

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Cruise ship docked in Stavanger

Pulpit Rock (shore excursion)

Pulpit Rock is one of many iconic views of the Norwegian Fjords – the flat square rock sticks out hundreds of metres above the Lysefjord. The hike takes around four hours (round trip) and guided hikes are advised, particularly if you’re inexperienced as there are many hazards to be aware of – like the cliff edges and changeable weather.

Lysefjord Cruise

If hiking to Pulpit Rock sounds a little too gruelling but you want to see more of Norway’s stunning scenery, then a cruise along the Lysefjord may be more preferable where you can see Pulpit Rock from below.

There are a couple of tour operators where you can book a boat trip from Stavanger to Lysefjord, including Fjord Tours.

If you’re visiting Stavanger for the first time on a cruise I’d recommend strolling through the old town and then exploring the city centre, it’s a lovely port of call to wander around.
If you have been before and want to see something different consider the Lysefjord cruise departing from Stavanger – some take just a few hours so you may have time to revisit the city as well.

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