Retracing A Weatherman’s Walk

Colourful lake in Alt-Yr-Yn Newport

If you live in Wales, you may be familiar with the BBC Wales series ‘Weatherman Walking’, starring popular TV weather presenter Derek Brockway. The last episode saw Derek tour Prestatyn in North Wales, as well as the Fourteen Locks in Newport, accompanied by mobile artist Joseph Connor.

The weather on Sunday was dry, crisp and chilly – a perfect opportunity to wrap up and retrace some of Derek and Joseph’s steps.

The view from Alt-Yr-Yn

The Fourteen Locks is a canal that steps down the Welsh valley towards Newport. It was built over 200 years ago for boats to transport coal, iron and limestone.
Newport’s Allt-Yr-Yn is a hill that overlooks the rural landscape in the picture above. This was about half way into Derek’s route, a good starting point through the Local Nature Reserve.

Path into the Alt-Yr-Yn nature reserve

Long exposure shot of a stream

As featured on the episode, the lake in the picture below (and top picture of this post) marks the site of a lido that locals enjoyed around the 1930s.

Site of a Lido in Alt-Yr-Yn Nature Reserve

Frosty leaves

Derek filmed his walk in the full bloom of summer (albeit a Welsh summer with hail and thunder) so it was enjoyable to see the area in the cold frosty light of January.

Alt-Yr-Yn Nature Reserve in Winter

Turning onto the Locks heading west, I passed many walkers and cyclists who were enjoying the trail.
I also happened to bump into Derek’s guide, Joseph, who kindly shared some insight of the locks and his experience filming the walk.

Fourteen Locks wooden sign

Further up the canal is the bowl-shaped ‘Mystery Lock’, who’s purpose is not really known.

Mystery Lock in Newport

Fourteen Locks Bridge and Cottage

Each lock stepped up and up to our final resting stop, the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre.

A wooden lock gate

Fourteen Locks in Newport

The Canal Centre was recently modernised and includes a tea room and function space to host events.
It was great to see many people of all ages soaking up the fine weather and facilities, perhaps extra fuelled by the recent television feature.

Fourteen Locks Canal Centre

I thoroughly enjoyed this walk, and I hope you like the pictures I took along the way. I’d love to know what you think in the comments below or on social media.

Many thanks to Joseph Connor for stopping by to chat!


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